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Shorefield Montessori Nursery & Primary School (SMS herein) is a product of love, love for children and a thirst for the best for them. It is our goal as an academic institution to provide the most comprehensive form of education for every child that comes through our gates in order to lay a solid foundation upon which the child’s lifestyle and future career will be built.

SMS is a haven for learning and discovery, staffed by qualified Montessori practitioners, teachers and with a wide range of authentic, premium Montessori materials. Situated right in the heart of Magodo, SMS was founded with the aim of providing Montessori education for aged 3 months to 6 years as well as mixed curriculum (British and Nigerian) for the primary school. We provide children with an organized and secured environment which enables them to carry out meaningful activities with the aim of developing their minds, intellect and concentration.

At Shorefield, encouragement and adequate challenge is provided, always with the view of educating the child at their own pace; affording them the unique opportunity to think for themselves, and to understand the importance of accountability. The education that a child experiences at Shorefield Montessori School will push them towards the ultimate realization of their full intellectual, social and physical potential.

We encourage cultural diversity at Shorefield Montessori School as we actively seek out children from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, so as to provide a healthy and respectful melting pot for different ideas and views. We recognize the importance of the parent in the child’s education at this tender age, so we provide a parent’s orientation once in an academic year. In addition to this, we hold a sufficient number of parent-teacher conferences each academic term.