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Its summertime and its time to Read and Learn with games!

Our summer programme has been designed to mentally stimulate the minds of the children, academically and intellectually. With Reading, Literacy, Numeracy, Maths Clinic, Chess Games, Monopoly, Music, Arts and Crafts, Cooking and Practical life.

We have Arts and Crafts activities set for the children where they learn to make foot wears and design outfits, beading and accessorizing.

With the Ebola outbreak we have armed our children with the knowledge of protecting themselves against the virus;
* Wash your hands with soap
* Sanitizer your hands
* Keep your environment disinfected and tidy

As part of the prevention awareness we taught the children how to make antiseptic liquid and how to use hand sanitizers. This will also be included in our normal curriculum for ´┐Ża child with knowledge is equipped on how to take care of him/herself and his environment.

The Summer Programme Is still ongoing and the children looking forward to learning more. Join us for an exciting summer programme and new session.