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“I am impressed by the level of academic and inter-personal improvement exhibited by Kristen. Her knowledge of numbers, alphabets and words are amazing at just FOUR (4yrs). Her influence on her sister before she (her younger sister) started school was quite visible as she could count to TEN and recognize words easily. I would recommend Shorefield Montessori Nursery & Primary School to parents who want their children to start well on formal education”
Mrs. Julie Ehumadu
Kristen Ehumadu (Nur. 2 - 4yrs) and Michelle Ehumadu (KG 1 - 2yrs)

“Fareed has really learnt a lot and he displays all that he has learnt very well. His teachers are doing very well we commend the efforts and hope that this will continue and we would see more improvements.”
Dr & Mrs. Olarinoye
Fareed Olaoluwa Olarinoye Nursery 2 -3years 10month

“As Eriife’s father, I can boldly say that there has been a tremendous improvement mentally and academically. He relates with his peers and older ones freely. Shorefield School have really impacted positively in my son Eriifeoluwa, all I can say is a big “THANK YOU” to the entire School; we can always do more as one family.” >
Mr. Adedapo Gbadebo
Eriiferoluwa Gbadebo Pre-School - 1 year &10 months

“There is an appreciable development as regards to morals, her knowledge of being grateful, ability to recite numbers, letter sounds, and nursery rhymes and recognize shapes in less than 4 months of joining Shorefield School. Thank you for your commitment”
Mr. Kolawole Oguntuyi
Moyinoluwa Oguntuyi KG. 2 - 2years